Manage Your Employees,
Without Being Intrusive, Without Any Maintenance...

"This tool gives me tremendous peace of mind - now I can
be 100% sure I'm not being taken advantage of by my workers.”

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Trusted by 1000+ businesses. Our customers include SEO agencies, Marketing Firms, E-Commerce, Call Centers, Architects, Web Design firms, Web Development firms, Translating Businesses, Online Magazines and many more...

Tracks Time

HyperHour captures screenshots and memos written for you by your employees, allowing you to have a quick overview of the day's work.

Assign Work Tasks

Assign work tasks to specific employees. Know exactly how much time is spent on each task and where your employees can improve their performance.

Custom Reports

A detailed report of all the work done in a current week is provided by HyperHour. Use these reports to complete the payroll in record time.

Work Feedback

In addition to viewing your team's work progress, you may also give feedback on their activity. This added interaction allows you to gain the level of control you've always wanted with outsourced workers.

Activity Tracking

Monitors the rate of keyboard strokes and mouse movement to generate an accurate activity reading. Activity tracking allows you to monitor the efficiency of your team.

Edit Reported Time

In the event that one of your team members overcharges you for time, you can quickly and easily edit the reported hours.

Immediate Results

Hyperhour provides updated data every 10 minutes so you can see what your team is working on at all times. Never be in the dark again and monitor at what times breaks are taken.

LightWeight Client

Hyperhour installs easily on Windows computers and uses minimal resources. Clocking in at a mere 380kb and using less than 0.007 gb of memory, it was designed to run on older and newer machines.

Privacy Control

Keep a good employee relationship by choosing a level of privacy both you and your employee are comfortable with. You can select whether are not screenshots are taken and whether you will be paying your employee for private time.

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"With Hyperhour, you'll know EXACTLY what is going on inside your company"

Take a Tour Of Your New Control Center...

When the people you trust aren't doing the work they are supposed to do... even though you're still paying their salaries.

Hyperhour will eliminate all doubt and restore productivity.

You'll have piece of mind by accurately tracking time, providing associated screenshots, work logs and memos from your employees.

"Hyperhour is the ONLY tool that maintains employee morale."

Your employees will love you for choosing Hyperhour over the competition because it is the only time tracking software that emphasizes user privacy.

There are absolutely no keystrokes logged, no URLs tracked, no application monitoring and no nagging screens. Hyperhour protects your employee's information and will never force them submit anything without their consent.

No training required... Built to make employees happy

Here's Why You Should Act Now...

Hyperhour pays for itself when you consider that the amount of time wasted per year. Take a look at the chart to see how much money you could potentially save per year...

You could be saving money each and every day...

There is absolutely no training required. When you add employees to Hyperhour, they automatically receive an email with the Hyperhour client. After that, they click the "Start work" button to start... and the "Stop" button to stop. No configuration, no setup, it's really THAT simple.

Within the first week, Hyperhour will already have paid for itself*... Within a year, you'll have saved so much money... you'll be on the beach wondering why you didn't take this vacation sooner.

* According to survey taken by America Online and Hyperhour does not make any specific claims.

But don't take our word for it, here's what some of our customers are saying...


Nigel Johnson

Hyperhour has allowed me to eliminate the time wasters and reward the superstars!


Joe Brightman

The emailed reports allow me to know what's goin on with my staff in just minutes per day!


Tom West

Our company started using Hyperhour and it has been a truly amazing tool to help manage employee productivity!

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

... And when you consider that Hyperhour comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to risk and everything to gain.

We are 100% confident that your company will increase productivity and save by using Hyperhour so we are including our:

30 Day Guarantee!

Discover how easy it is…

To regain control of your company, to save money and increase productivity, when you install Hyperhour with our step by step directions...

... and if for any reason, you aren't completely satisfied within 30 days, we'll provide you with a full refund. So you can try it now… and if you don't like it, you don't pay a dime!


When you consider how simple it is to install and the gains you will make, you're not risking much either.

You have nothing to lose here and a lot to gain!

See you inside,


P.s. If you're ready to save time, money and increase productivity, a few minutes it all it takes.

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“Charles Jones” This tool gives me tremendous peace of mind - now I can be 100% sure I'm not being taken advantage of by my outsourced workers. And if I have doubts - I can just check!

“Pankaj Kala, New Delhi” “We even use HyperHour to track our in-house employees! With HyperHour, we know exactly what they are working on at all times and when they have punched in and out every day!”