Compare Hyperhour

Hyperhour, Compared to our competition:

We’re simple.

No training necessary, just go. Most minimalistic design of all which means that we’re unobtrusive and we’ll increase productivity instead of reducing it. Our competition’s software is much more complicated and has a learning curve that costs time and money.

We’re secure.

Built using military grade encryption, secure servers, we take our security very seriously. Our competition relies on other companies to hold your information.

We’re fast and lightweight.

We designed everything from the ground up so that it is as seamless as possible. Even on a 10 year old laptop running windows XP and a crappy internet connection, our program runs well and provides a snappy feel. Our competition’s software uses much more memory and CPU resources which feels sluggish.

Automated “Set and forget”

We pride ourselves in having a quick 3 minute setup that you never have to touch again. It’s quick, simple and once its set up, there is no maintenance. Our competition requires you to actively input tasks and is more obtrusive than anything. We aim to save you time, our competition takes your time.

Privacy For Everyone

We have set up our system to ensure maximum privacy for both the employer and the employee. Your employees will appreciate working with our software. The same cannot be said by our competition.

Quick Review

We’re dedicated to saving time and that’s why we offer quick and simple reports that you can receive daily or weekly. One quick glance will tell you all you need to know about the health of your company. In addition, we have a great Hypermovie feature that allows you to review a day’s work in 30 seconds.

We’re simpler, faster, more secure and easier to use than our competition. Employees actually like using our software and since it takes about 3 minutes to set up… it’s the easiest way to save money and monitor your company.